Cactus Bruce And The Corporate Monkeys Review

Cactus Bruce -Worst Game Ever

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Wed, 2006-05-03 22:39.
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Extremely Easy to use
No real game play, boring,

The goal of this game is that you have a grappling hook, which is used to to try and grab monkey from different positioned bricks at different heights. Once you have done this you need to then use the grappling hook to throw the monkey you've caught in the direction of another brick, on which another monkey sits.

Through the different levels there are things like banana's etc which you can catch and throw to knock the monkey's off the bricks and gain points. There are different levels of difficulty starting with easy, but they are all easy and the game is not challenging enough to keep your interest up. After a few minutes it just gets really boring and you end up looking for something else to do.

The graphics are really basic and there is not much to it, I think it would have been better for the game designers to come up with a better idea for game play than this, there are alot of bright colours at the start page which may appeal to a 5 or 6 year old but it no way would appeal to anyone over the age of 8. There are a few options and easy instructions. But the game is so simple that the instructions is really a waste.

If the game designers where trying to design an interesting and enjoyable game, I'm sorry to say that they have failed miserably. I would not recommmend this game to anyone, the plot and goal of the game looks and plays like something that was thought up in less than five minutes. I think this is the worst game I've ever played


This game is so bad I dont think I can find the words to say it.