President Forever Review

For Political Fanatics Only

Submitted by Samsta on Fri, 2008-04-25 14:08.
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Small file size, not a memory hog, nice color scheme, relevant sounds and music.
Hard to understand, 18 pages to read, gameplay repetative and boring.

I downloaded this game thinking it would be a good strategy game to pass the time. The file was only 5mb, so it didn't take up very much disk space. The installation was easy and straight forward.

Upon starting the game, you hear a drum roll, then after the intro screen, the main screen appears, and you also hear a drum roll, which just feels relevant for a political game.

I automatically looked around for a "Tutorial" button, but there was none, this one thing which sets this game back from other political games. I clicked the button to start a new game, normally the new game screen is simple, this one is not, the layout is bad and it is too awkward to read.

After figuring out the new game screen, I was presented with the main screen, which consists of: a map of the USA, a screen full of statistics, your characters profile, the news and some buttons to take different actions.

I didn't have a clue what to do, so I pressed the help button. There was no quick start guide, walkthrough or tutorial, instead I was presented with 18 pages to read through. Political Fanatics may enjoy reading through 18 pages about the game before they can play it, but normal people don't. I quickly scanned through it , and figured out roughly how the gameplay works. First you click on a little flag, choose and action, and select which state to do it in, then you click "done turn". After that you get some information on which states are "drawing" and which candidates are drawing. Then you get some news and how it affects each player, then you get some more statistics.

That is all the gameplay really is, if you enjoy politics and are fanatical about it, you may enjoy this game, if you aren't, just leave it alone.


This game is only for people who love politics, and even some of them probably wont enjoy this game.