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CrazyTalk Speaks Volumes

Submitted by marymag on Fri, 2006-05-05 05:10.
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This is too much fun for humans!
A bit difficult at first, but not too complex for even an amateur.

I have worked with several different video editing systems but I have always wanted to join the “Jib-Jab” school of animation. Who wouldn’t want to be able to poke fun at those in power and join the viral video craze?

With CrazyTalk you can do that and more. Extremely easy to use, this software can make your stills talk, turn those talking stills into greeting cards, IM’s, or allow your local and national officials to look merely stupid.

While the Trial Home Edition is somewhat limited, it is enough to get the gist of this program. Fortunately the instructions take you step by step on the how-to’s and where-for’s. My first time out I used their prototypes quite successfully after only a mild amount of intimidation. This software does all the tough stuff; gets the eyes to blink (you control the speed) and words form automatically (here, again you control the speed, timbre, etc.).

I then proceeded to import my own image, video, and message. Although I had to download TTS software for the voice option, this too is quite simple to do from their website.

I chose a rather ambiguous photo of a friend and managed, with little effort, to set the controls as specifically as I wanted. Eyes, ears, mouth, etc. can all be shaped and manipulated to fit within a wire frame using a point and drag system. I then recorded some audio, just to check the levels. They were quite specific and fell within the range I wanted while still being clear. I finally turned it into an e-mail to myself see how simple it was to export (you can also put projects on your web site). The message arrived within 5 minutes completely intact although opening it was a bit of a challenge.

It seems pricey, but if you have ever looked into similar software or local adult-education classes in this field, this program is moderately priced in comparison. Each function can be as simplistic or as intricate as you wish. There are tonal, visual, even textural charts to help you in your creativity. You can go as far as your own imagination will take you with a minimal amount of effort. First stop: CrazyTalk and a new slant on your next Christmas Card, next stop: Jurassic Park IV.


If you have ever wanted to try your hand (no pun intended) at animation, this is a great beginner's tool.