Cryptainer Review

Talk about your personal vault

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2008-04-30 09:41.
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top-level security with multiple encryption algorythms... what else could you want?
I'd say the interface, but... it's a security program, it's not meant to be pretty

Cryptainer is a solution that offer top-level security that is going to fully protect your data.

Cryptainer is an easy-to-use, convenient and secure vault where you can store information. It acts as a drive where you can place anything. The 448 bit encryption guarantees that nothing will be stolen or tampered with.

The applications interface is relatively simple and there's a competent help file to guide you, should you have any questions or should you need guidance. That said, the software is easy enough to use without having to read one word of the help file, although that helps too.

Setting up a protected drive is a breeze, and you're allowed to have as many protected drives as you wish, provided you remember their names (for security reasons, Cryptainer doesn't do that for you).

Loading, unloading, exiting the application is very easy and you won't run into any issues or have your computer slowed down or anything like that while using Cryptainer.

Plus, when you get Cryptainer, you also receive an add-on for your mobile device that creates a secure drive on it. now, even your mobile computer is protected.


A great program that deserves a thumbs-up. It does the job, and does it in a easy to use, comprehensive way.