Search Maker Pro Review

Search Maker is OK, but lacks some advanced functionality

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2008-04-30 10:24.
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medium efficiency, indexing speed is OK
lacks more advanced features, old user interface, not so easy to use, is more expensive than the competition

Search Maker Pro is an application that strives to compete with other sin its 'genre' and does an OK job, but fails to provide some of the more advanced options that the competition offers.

Search Maker Pro is good for indexing html, pdf, txt files and a number of other text documents. However the image indexing features and the 'other file types' indexing options suffer.

Whereas it is relatively easy to get through the whole dialog process, it's interface is clunky and not visually appealing. Although it gives users the option to convert absolute paths to relative ones, it fails to convert them automatically, but instead requires user input which may be both inconvenient and confusing for the beginner. Therefore, it's ease of use could be contested.

A help file is provided, but no guide or tutorial is attached to the software. Most search engine software comes along with detailed explanations on how to use them.


While Search Maker Pro could be used for simple indexing tasks - creating a fully features, advanced search engine requires that you use another application.