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Rough jewel

Submitted by Skillgannon on Sat, 2006-05-06 02:02.
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Easy to use, recovers some data
Don't expect to much

When my harddrive died, along with my work, financial details and digital photos - I was, understandably, very stressed, and not in the least impressed. To then find out that my backup cd's had been scratched left my panicking, it was one disaster after another.

Thankfully though, I found Bad copy pro online, and immediatley forked out the money in the hope of recovering the irreplacable. Unfortunatley though, out of 4 cd's, I only managed to get the equivelent of about 1 cd's of recovered files - which was far below what I was expecting from what I had read on their website. Compounding this was the lack of support offered - it was a case of to bad, so sad, next customer please, that made me feel like I'd received a bad case of food poisoning in McDonalds.

All of this probabally stemmed from my high expectations of the products, but for something with a limited success rate, I'm not sure my money was well spent - I would do a lot of research into any alternatives before buying bad copy pro, but then again - at least these guys are professional about their work, compared to some of the other unscrupulus (and offten more expensive) opperations that currently abide for this same purpose.


Perhaps my expectations where to high, but for 30 dollars, I cant really complain, when it managed to recover at least some of my irreplacable memories.