Search Maker Pro Review

Search Maker Pro is ok, but is it worth $53.10?

Submitted by delightful on Thu, 2008-05-08 20:00.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
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0 Small program with medium indexing options. 0 No adware, memberships, or other annoying stuff 0 Indexing speed is ok
0 No compatible with Vista 0 Visually not appealing 0 Not easy in use 0 Expensive!

After a fast download (Search Maker Pro isn't a big program), I open the file and within 5 minutes I can use all of its features. Yes, we can say that the whole installation is just a piece of cake, and a nicely created by its makers.
It gives the user the option to convert absolute paths to relative ones. But why not automatically? A beginner would easily get confused and would fast end up on a computer-help forum on the internet with a question starting with 'how to...?'.
But Search Maker is good in what he is created for: indexing html, pdf, txt files and some other text documents.

The layout is less appealing. It is old fashioned, and has a clunky feeling. 'Added support for Windows XP Service Pack 2', says the readme. Forgot about Windows Vista? This is the year 2008! Talking about the readme: Its small! Nowadays a computer program would have a help file of at least 15 pages, explaining every button in the detail, and with more information on the internet. But after typing 'Search Maker Pro' in the google search engine, I only get a (again) clunky looking website, with some information about the program and a contact menu. Nothing more.


Search Maker Pro is alright, has enough indexing options, and is fast to download. But it can just not compete with his easier, bigger and cheaper competitors.