Effect3D Studio Review

Just doesn't do the trick...

Submitted by balance on Fri, 2008-05-09 10:22.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
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lighting effects, rendering options, color/brightness/contrast adjustments
few animations, few objects, no importing, no advanced customizing, multiple objects at once not supported

Whereas Effect3D Studio does offer a bare minimum of objects for me to rate it as satisfactory, it simply lacks the more advanced effects, animations and customizability that one would expect from such a product.

Besides the fact that the price is exceedingly high, the product lacks one main feature - importing objects and playing around with them... but that's what a 3D tool is all about, or is it?

The interface is in the usual Reallusion simple-to-use and easy to grasp style. You won't have any trouble navigating through the options or experimenting with the little effects that are available. But the ease of use comes with a major set-back: the only customization to the animation you'll be doing is - the number of frames and the frame rate.

Having said that it has a severe lack of objects, importing-capabilities, customization options and animation types, the software does have a multitude of lighting effects... The good thing about that is that if you like a particular object and animation, you'll be able to make it look good - if not, lighting won't play that much of a role for you.

Also, the application offers a decent amount of rendering options and brightness/tone/color options.

The bad thing about the last section - exporting - is that it will only export in older, deprecated animation formats, the best of which being gif. However, that is a major drawback, since most of the world now uses Adobe Flash as the default.


While you may give it a shot, Effect3D Studio is not the product that you want for advanced animation or for some cool, modern effects.