Vision Backup 10 Review

Pretty good application for backups

Submitted by balance on Fri, 2008-05-09 11:43.
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Does the job, doesn't slow down your system too much while doing it, can be scheduled, provides encryption and compression
The user interface could look better, I've had it crash on me once

Vision Backup 10 helps keep your computer safe and secure by backing up important data. It can backup files, contacts, bookmarks from all the major browser platforms and can even backup other network connected computers.

The good thing about the application is that it can be scheduled, it can be run manually, you can specify what files you want backed up and which of them you don't want to backup.

File size is a concern when dealing with backups, so you get compression options that will let you minimize file sizes, but don't expect them to do wonders...

Besides compression, Vision Backup 10 offers top-level encryption that will keep your data safe from any prying eyes. This means that privacy is ensured with this application.

Vision Backup includes plug-ins that further enhance the functionality that it has (but most of the competition offers these options as well).

Another thing that Vision Backup 10 does well is that it lets user customize it. You can select how the update screens will look (minimized maximized, hidden), you can choose to run applications before or after the update, you can automate it so that it deletes old backup files and numerous other options.

As for its ease of use, novices may find it quite difficult at first, especially since it has a slight tendency to use more advanced terminology.


A good backup software that one should definitely consider - Vision Backup 10 does the job with ease, as soon as you learn how to use it.