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Musical Midi is as Importance as Sound Quality

Submitted by yen03 on Mon, 2008-05-12 10:33.
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icons are eyes friendly, able to change music in various speeds, helpful for burn midi files to an Audio CD

I have tried the MID Converter 4.2 Free Trial. It's not necessary to click File > Open menu to find the midi file(s), just click your midi directory and it will show all midi files on the right side of window.

The icons are eyes-friendly. But I don’t see the difference between Convert ...... and Convert to Audio options. Both of them will show the same Audio Batch Record window. I think it would be better to remove one of them and use either Convert ...... or Convert to Audio option.

In Audio Batch Record window, Recording Settings section, I think it's better not to change the adjustment of Rec in default setting. When I increased the amount of Rec, the sound qualities weren't good. There were noises in audio converted files.

If you would like to make a comparison among the converted files in the same output formats, uncheck Overwrite existing files option. For Output directory, check "the same as input directory" in order to easier find your converted file(s). To get the smaller converted file(s), choose wma as output format.

The Help menu is user friendly. For instance, if you don’t know what the Recording Source is, just click Help button in the same window and the description will appear directly. Also, the free technical support guarantees a response by email within three business days.

If you want to burn midi files to an Audio CD (for personal used), you can use MID Converter to convert to mp3 or wma then burn them by using CD Audio burning program.

I have converted Canon in D by Pachebel, Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 by Chopin from midi to mp3, wma, ogg and all in excellent sound qualities. Honesty, I didn’t suppose they were converted from midi! I also changed tempo ratio of Bach's Invention BWV 786 in various speeds. As known, Bach didn’t marked tempos so I'm curious to know how it was played in various speeds.

If you want to convert the classical midi music file(s) to mp3, wma or ogg, at first, choose the good/excellent musical midi(s) as source because I found several classical midi music files, especially Bach's Invention and Partita that were not musical, such as no "short pause" at the end of each phrase so it made the music "not breathe". When I converted them to mp3, wma and ogg, the sound qualities were excellent but not musical like the source.

MID Converter will produce the excellent sound quality automatically but good/excellent musical midi can be produced only by good/excellent musical midi performer/programmer like on others music instruments. If you choose the good musical midi as source then the converted file will also good in musical and vice versa.


Don’t forget to choose the good musical midi(s) as source to create your best converted file(s). If you convert midi files frequently, you can consider buying it.