Ideal Calendar Review

IDEAL CALENDAR: For Home use but not for business

Submitted by maina kabiru on Mon, 2008-05-12 10:53.
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Ease of Use: 
The lowest price: 18$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very easy to use, many useful features and options, doesn't take too much space on the memory.
The buttons on the lower right look rather old fashioned, dates are too tiny (can’t be changed unlike other fonts.)

Ideal calendar is definitely load with so many features the a casual look at it wont reveal. The word calendar kind of mislead on to just think of a basic 'calendar' and nothing more. Loaded with multiple reminders, backup facilities, ability to import and export programs, multi user abilities and much more, this is really not an ordinary calendar.


Ease of Manipulation (4/5)
The user is able to program the calendar to handle different occasions at different time and frequency, in case of recurring events. It is as easy as right clicking the particular day and selecting from the drop down list.

Different colour coding, help identify different occasions, and they are all interchangeable. What actually makes this software good is that fact that one can use it as a diary and choose the font size and type, time of the event (whether once or recurring, alarm type and so on. One can also program it to sound an advance alarm.

Traditional festivals and holidays like Christmas and Valentines are already included on the calendar so you don’t have to struggle putting the on. NO MORE TROUBLE GUESSING WHEN 2010 EASTER HOLIDAY WILL BEGIN!

Some of the background pictures are too dark making it hard for one to see the dates and the occasion fonts clearly.

Categorised into small parts (every tab on the calendar settings window is given a particular Help section) the whole Help section is very well detailed and even the not so technically savvy user
will follow it without third party help, that's why it is suitable for home user.

Unusual Features (5/5)
I just have to call them UNUSUAL because that’s what they are. External to-do lists and address book, ability to import and export programs, and also share it with other people is just unusual,
maybe only to me..but having it on your PC and also sharing it on the web is more than just cool.

Users can also backup the whole calendars, plus the info in it, on another computer. All these features differentiate this software from other similar one which in reality offer nothing more than a digital calendar.

Overall it is a good software for home use, I wouldn't recommend it very much for business. More sophisticated business targeted softwares are already in the market, in fact most 3G phones have similar or better softwares.


It is worth the money, bearing in mind that it can handle multi users and it is loaded with unusual features.