Bricks Of Epypt Review

Watching paint dry would be more entertaining!

Submitted by cknox7 on Mon, 2006-05-08 07:14.
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The background music isn’t too annoying and the graphics are well done. May be interesting for children.
The game is slow, redundant, and too easy.

Don’t waste your time buying this mindless game. Bricks of Egypt is like many other games out there, not very imaginative or addictive.
This game may be entertaining for little children, but after they play it for a while, they too would be bored.

The whole idea of the "pong" type game is outdated. The paddle and ball does not offer much entertainment.

I usually have to turn the sound off; it becomes quite annoying after the first minute. The sound of the ball hitting the bricks is nerve-racking.

The game can be quite slow throughout. And although there are many levels, they are all redundant and don’t offer much of a challenge.

There are many chances to get "power-ups", but the only interesting one is the gun, and that's because it will allow one to get the game over more quickly.


There are many other games out there that one should spend their money on, Bricks of Egypt is not one of those games. It may be somewhat interesting for children.