Dropheads Review

Fun for all ages!

Submitted by organicchic on Tue, 2008-05-13 16:27.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Professional graphics and music, easy to learn, has adorable characters, and provides hours of fun and challenge for all ages.
Is very similar to some other games.

Dropheads are cute smiley face characters traveling the sea looking for pieces of a treasure map. Once you find and put together the map, you can use it to find hidden treasure. The game is offered in arcade mode and strategy mode which is at a slower pace.

Instructions are very simple with tutorials, you match the same colored smile faces together in a group of four. Then they disappear and new smiley faces fall down. The concept is similar to Tetris. I found the graphics and music to be very professional and the characters just adorable. Dropheads offer many options such as full screen, hints, high scores, music, and sound. Plus automatic game saving.

In arcade mode Dropheads starts off very easy with lots of matches as you progress through the levels smiley face characters falling increase and faster, plus not the colors you need to make matches. To assist you through the game they offer hints, jokers, and voodoos if you have trouble making matches. Dropheads is just hours of challenge and a lot of fun!


Dropheads offered at $16.95 is definitely worth it. Offering a strong plot and has challenge to keep you interested. First-class graphics and music, Very easy to learn with tutorials. If you like strategy with cute characters you should definitely give Dropheads a try!