President Forever Review

Long time to learn

Submitted by heatercurve on Wed, 2008-05-14 05:03.
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All-encompassing game Real World people Easily spend hours of time
Hard learning curve No real help or faqs

Don't let this distract you from playing, though.

This game is a elections fanatics dream. You can control everything from the advertisements to the background of your selected candidate. This game uses real world candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and allows you to control how they go through the primaries and eventual presidential election. You can also do specific scenarios if you don't have time for a complete game. I also enjoyed the fact that I could switch from Republican to a Democratic Candidate. I think that this game allows those of us with knowledge of the process to unleash this in a fantasy world where we control the action and thus who gets elected.

If you are willing to put in the time to learn and figure out how to control this complex game then it will bring you lots of fun. I know it did for me!


This game is worth it if you love politics and have an hour or two to spend learning this game. I personally love the political process so this game satisfied my need to be involved in the political world.