CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

Coffee that Left a Sour Taste in my Mouth

Submitted by Hoobajue on Thu, 2008-05-15 03:37.
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The software has potential. There are many options for users who know what they are doing. The interface has simple buttons which makes it easy to insert frames then play the animation. The program also has options to change the palette of colors for the animation as well as changing the size of the images.
The program promises to allow a user to create dynamic gif animations easily. It also promises to easily help you insert your animations into a web page by generating the HTML code for you. What I found was that I couldn't even get as far as to complete a full animation. There are features that I think should be added to the full release and I think that it should be easier with explanations of what option does.

Me being a non experienced animator I was looking for a program that would help me easily create small gif animations for use with web pages. What I found was that I was lost shortly and after working with the software for a little while I feel like I have made no progress. At first the interface seemed simple enough to use, but shortly after starting the program I realized that I was in trouble. I started by creating a small sequence of .gif images in mspaint. Next I inserted the frames into the CoffeeCup Animator and hit play. The animation started to play and it was very choppy so I looked for a timer between images and couldn't find one. So I then played it again and saw that the animation was out of sync with the way I inserted the frames. The animation was jumping around like a rabbit. The interface looks easy enough but once you start to dabble with the software and try and make your first animation with the program and you are a beginner you are most likely doomed.


This program may be great for experienced animators but for an amateur like me it was impossible. I have used other gif animators that were extremely simple with better options such as controlling the time between different frames, and actually having the frames show up in the right order.