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Cute Reminder and DSL

Submitted by soric3l on Tue, 2006-05-09 00:10.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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If you badly need an electronic reminder or office organizer you can use this one.
Don't waste your system resources with this program unless you have plenty of unused resources, and you like this sort of office toys.

This office program reminds me a little of Damn Small Linux (DSL) and a few other "cute" systems provided on a bootable CD. That is because of the general look of the interface, and the way it interacts with the user and browsers and so on. I am sure Cute Reminder belongs with a Linux system rather than a Windows OS.

You should know that this cute office tool adds an entry in your system startup soon after installing it, and slows down your computer speed a bit, no big deal but enough to make you wonder why on earth haven't they asked you first if you agree to run this program when Windows restarts or better not. It is not very good policy, especially when you're selling something, to assume that your clients are complete morons and to not say that you offer an intruzive software, and you don't have the decency to show it as it is. Instead they assumed that they are of great help, and have left you with no other choice but uninstall the program after no longer needing it. The Cute Reminder control panel with a preset auto-hide option won't allow you to definitely close the program but will offer different options on how to use the program. You have to go to the main interface (control center) and use your own preferences to adjust the Cute Reminder setup options.

The idea of building an electronic organizer isn't bad at all, but I am sure there is still work to be done before selling it as serious office tool. Maybe that is why they called it Cute Reminder, to gently say that it is no more but a toy for lovely crossdressers and other party girls, and definitely not a Pro Reminder.


There is still work to be done with the interface and setup options before marketing this Cute Reminder. Too bad they thought it is finished job.