President Forever Review

Ever wanted to run for president? Now you can!

Submitted by nhughes16 on Fri, 2008-05-23 02:38.
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Features, historical election years, wide variety of settings.
Still a bit shallow even with all of the customization.

President Forever is quite obviously a game in which you run for president. It contains a very effective planning system in which you can add states to your strategy (in which states you want to win). This game is a very fun strategy game but at the same time is somewhat basic.

The game starts with you picking a political party and then a candidate who you want to play as, you can turn on and off candidates as well as create your own. Biggest bit unrealism comes from this, when creating a candidate you can give them any amount of money you choose, this then enables you to run as many ads (TV, Newspaper, or radio) as you so please. You would thus want to just constantly create TV ads and run them in every state possible.

I created a candidate with 99 trillion dollars and support of 0% of all voters. To top this off I created my candidate as a constitutionalist. When it was all said an done I won the election gathering 87% of all votes.

Another really great feature of this game is how you can set the views of your candidate on most any major topic including, but not limited to: Iraq, Iran, the war on terror, outsourcing, taxes, education, and many more. This is great because you can really personalize the candidate to what your political views are.

This game features all of the top candidates and leaders form each party.


A great game for anyone interested in politics and those who enjoy strategy games. I really enjoy playing this game.