Search Maker Pro Review

Search Maker Pro, Simple and Easy

Submitted by srinib21 on Fri, 2008-05-23 16:58.
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The lowest price: 53.1$
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Easy of use, fast accurate indexing, no viruses or adware. Breeze to install. Works on 2003 server, XP pro
Basic screens. Help does not explain everything. No screenshots in the user guide. User needs to know what is required

I have used Search Maker Pro 3.2 on quite a few websites I designed. The installation is a breeze and any novice can do it. Though the screens are pretty basic and might seem a bit amatuerish they provide enough options for the users to properly configure the resulting search page.

Users who design commercial websites will be pleased with the template feature which gives you a seach page looking like the rest of your site. Also useful is its ability connect to the internet and generate the search page indexing a live site. I found this feature very useful when testing the capabilities of Search Maker Pro.

Though some users would find the cost a bit high, I firmly believe you get what you pay for. The simple and highly compacted JavaScript file is very easy to add to your websites. Also, the indexing is pretty fast. I created a search page on one of my project websites having nearly 50 pages in less than 2 minutes. The results were pretty accurate without missing much. Another useful feature I found was the command line automation feature.


Though slightly over priced when compared to other products available, Search Maker Pro does what it says. Most users will be happy with using the default options to get a decent Search page generated. I would continue using it in my projects.