AudioStreamer Review

The New Era of Radio

Submitted by Antster on Sat, 2008-05-24 20:42.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
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Creating CDs, Making Playlists, The Ease To Use, The Interface
Not too dial up friendly, lack of skin customization

AudioStreamer is a beautifully presented product. It has so many easy, practical features and is simple to use.

The layout seemed pretty straightforward at idiot-proof to me, so thats definitely a good point. It's definitely not on the ugly side either, as it looks very modern.

The practical side of the product was also very effective - Radio anytime, anywhere. The recording feature was the cherry on the top, with me being able to catch up on Radio Shows I couldn't listen to earlier that day, or even the day before.

A feature I really enjoyed was the ability to search for stations I'd never listened to before, and connect to them without the hassle of trying to tune my radio in. Not only did that save me time and effort, the quality of the radio seemed better.

Making playlists was no chore either, with the program automating much of the hard work. The same goes for creating CDs too, it just involved putting the disk in, selecting the tracks and BAM! A Road Trip Mix ready to play.

Another positive feature was the ability to listen to stations that would normally be too faraway for my radio to tune into. It really was, the new era of radio.


Overall, I'd say it's a good product, especially for those of us who want convenience, or even those of us who want to save those precious few minutes of time tuning into a radio station. However, maybe, just maybe, for $35, we might expect more bang for out buck.