Wild West Wendy Review

Wild West Wendy

Submitted by davidx85 on Mon, 2008-05-26 06:43.
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good graphics, fun to play, mildly challenging. Smooth running graphics and sound, even on my mid line PC.
repetetive music and character tasks.

Graphics 4 out of 5
The game graphics are crisp and colorful. I have a mid line PC and the game never froze or slowed down. It ran smooth the whole time I played.

Sound 3 out of 5
The music is nice at first and matches the games western theme. A short time after starting gameplay, the music becomes annoying however. Never had any problems with sound, it ran smooth during gameplay.

Gameplay 4 out of 5
Midly addicting. Just a brief review of the instructions is all that is needed. The game is pretty much self explanatory after that. It is repetetive though. Its addicting for a while then I just got tired of playing.

Give Wendy a gun and make the theives, robbers etc more challenging. Maybe get them to try to at leat hide instead of just walking straight up to the register. Maybe change the music up some also. I would not buy this game. I will however keep a demo version to play at my leisure. Its fun, but not fun enough to pay for.


Its fun to play for free, but not fun enough to pay for.