AccuChef Review

Accuchef, a cool program for the chefs.

Submitted by maina kabiru on Mon, 2008-05-26 09:42.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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saves time for amateurs cooks/ chefs, helps organise all cooking activities (meal planning, costing, nutritional, etc)
>Found no recipe from outside USA and Europe. >You got to be online to use some features

It took ages to download and install this small software, how disappointing. Anyway, Accuchef is
many things rolled up into one nice bundle. It is now easy to get a meal done. Double clicking on
the preferred food name, a recipe window appears loaded with all info needed to help get the meal
on the table.

The main window is easy to navigate and you only need to go to the needed food by scrolling down or by clicking on the tabs at the bottom. Navigation from window to window is much dependent on what one selects on the main window. This is helpful in making sure that the desktop is not clattered and user doesn’t get mixed up information.

Tasks ranging from getting the shopping list, cooking time, making a budget (dependent on
stores) calculating the number of servings, and getting the nutritional value and or carbs are all
done on this one window, seamlessly without the user copying or pasting any information.

I particularly like the idea of making a budget basing on a particular store, it saves time.

It’s quite disappointing to note that there is not a single recipe from Africa or Oceania, or is
the program just for the European and Americans? Anyway it is easy to edit and add more recipes,
guess I can add my African recipes then.

The program is particularly suited for restaurants and hotels, I don’t give a damn the number of
carbs I eat so long as I get full. It also don’ts make sense for me to check for store prices
online when I live next to the store itself. In short it doesn’t fit household or small users, but
good for big hotels and other big spenders like institutions.


Saves time, helps organise and prepare more meals professionally. Good program for amateur chefs still learning.