Handy Backup Review

Buy Handy Backup, it is worth the price!

Submitted by soric3l on Thu, 2006-05-11 14:51.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy to use and reliable software provided with nice online support and updates.
You have Windows Backup service and Windows System Restore, why buy Handy Backup? Well, I guess not many know how to use services provided under Windows OS so that is the reason why you have to buy Handy Backup. That and also Microsoft louzy customer policy.

Handy Backup works under all versions of Windows, from Win95 to Win2003. It is an useful and also affordable tool designed for home and business users storing important data on their single or network PCs. You can choose either the standard version (around 30 dollars) or the professional version of the software(around 60 dollars). The buy-register procedure is simple and can be done online as soon as you decide Handy Backup is what you need for your business.

This software comes with updates and useful online support/help, which is something any decent software company should provide. The user interface is specially built to allow optimal results, and it can be integrated with Windows Explorer. This is good policy, and shows respect for customers.

What you can do with your copy of Handy Backup is to backup, restore or synchronize important data on your computer. You can use it for either folders or single files, at your convenience. You can store your backups locally on your PC, on a FTP or on a CD/Diskette. They provide you with a wizzard to help you choose best backup settings. You can save your backups as compressed or uncompressed files/folders. The program's speed is optimal and you'll love its ease of use.


If you ever experienced complete system crash and inportant data were "lost" for good then you know how badly you need some software to help you prevent such accidents. I recommend Handy Backup because it is affordable and the authors are obviously professionals.