MID Converter Review

MIDI Conversion at... it's best?

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2008-05-28 08:04.
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Converts to 3 audio formats, has a help file
Conversion quality depends on soundcard, not so easy to use (at first), outdated interface

If you have a lot of MIDI files, but you can't stand opening them, or maybe you have a player that's not compatible with the format, then perhaps MID Converter is an application that you're looking for. MID Converter will, as the name suggests, convert MIDI files to different formats.

Whereas converting between the different MIDI filetypes works seamlessly, converting your MIDI files to MP3, WAV or OGG is a different story. If you want to convert to one of these three audio formats, you have to record the midi file from your soundcard. So all the software does is to play the file and (at the same time) record it.

There is a problem with this method though - the real quality that the user will get depends largely on the soundcard installed. If you've got a great, expensive soundcard then all is well and the quality will be good. However if your soundcard is on the lower-end side, you may hear crackling in the output file, which is certainly not pleasant.

Besides that, the interface does a not so good job at being intuitive, but after you learn which buttons to use when wanting to convert to your desired format - it becomes easier to use. There is a help file, though, so users can read up on all that the program has to offer.


If you have no other alternative then to use MID Converter and if you have a good soundcard, then by all means. If not, save 20$ and re-record your own files.