AudioStreamer Review

WOW... AudioStreamer is definitely something...

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2008-05-28 08:50.
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Great recording quality, records straight to MP3, small file sizes, easy to use
A video recording feature would have been nice

I am impressed... Between the total ease of use, the recording quality, the number of stations and the customizability - it's hard to find negative comments.

AudioStreamer is an application that will play internet radio stations (both prerecorded and live). The greatest thing about it is that it also lets you record these stations. All you have to do is: press the record button while playing a station and it will do all the job for you.

AudioStreamer even separates files for you. So you will have all your music nicely sorted out by artist and you'll be able to play you desired songs only or all of them.

Besides that, AudioStreamer has a pretty intelligent commercial remover that separates commercials from audiotracks. Although it could use a bit more fine tuning - it works and it's pretty useful.

The best thing about AudioStreamer, however, is the fact that it record directly to MP3, which means that it saves you a lot of space and the hassle of having to convert files or use other applications. When you're finished recording you can burn an audiodisk or simply browse to your saved audio folder and copy your MP3s.

It's only defect is probably that it doesn't also offer streaming TV...


I recommend AudioStreamer to anyone looking for a good internet radio recording solution. Lots of features that require minimum user input yet work very well.