InAlbum Deluxe Review

InAlbum is moderately efficient

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2008-05-28 09:40.
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Multiple export formats, decent amount of editing options, nice user interface
doesn't really offer anything new that oother applications don't offer

InAlbum provides the tools to create an album. it offers a number of easy to use, simple and moderately efficient tools.

The photo editing features that it offers are OK and let you apply a couple of effects and a number of lighting/color edits. Besides that, don't expect too much. It has the ability to undo effects and to reset the picture, which is good if you want to apply multiple effects, but don't like the output somewhere along the way.

It offers s number of animated effects such as animals, trees, text balloons, animations and facial expressions that you can add to your album.

You also get the option to choose from a number of predefined themes and sound tracks, but you can just as easily create you own. There is a custom theme option designed specifically for that.

The interface of the application is gorgeous - it makes using InAlbum very pleasant and easy. Everything is accessible without having to go through toolbars, menus, ribbons, etc.

And the best thing yet is that you can export to a number of formats that are all useful - EXE, Flash, video, HTML.


All in all - only a bit better than mediocre. It gives you an incomplete toolset, but a great visual experience. It's also a bit slow if your processor is being overused.