Birthday Bios Review

Birthday Bios, good but narrow...somehow

Submitted by maina kabiru on Thu, 2008-05-29 10:18.
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unique idea, easy to use and versatile.
boring graphics, nothing beyond 2005

The year scroll bar doesn't go beyond 2005, is the software still varied? For starters the software is very short sighted, very shallow but quite easy to use and the result kind of bring up some cool historical facts, this happened to be the best thing I liked about it.

Actually I did like the way it presents the bios. Nice headings like news, birthstones, Western and Eastern horoscopes, top songs, top headlines, prices of some products, e.t.c. One gets
to know what happened the day he/ she was unwrapped. Ability to add/ insert pictures and text is
very nice, easy and non-technical.

This program is for the Americans only... all the info in it has nothing outside the US. That in
effect dictates it market. I seriously feel uncomfortable even running it. It is impossible to get
the info one want if you are not in the US.

Anyway, there are only two templates. None seems sellable, if at all one is buying the software to
sell the bios. Graphics on the Birthday Times look old and unattractive.


Very nice product, nice for printing birthday certificates. I recommend it