Horoscope Explorer Review

Horoscope explorer, very tech if you have the skills

Submitted by maina kabiru on Thu, 2008-05-29 10:25.
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Useful to people who practice Vedic astrology, simple versatile design, very tech
Skills are needed to appreciate the software fully

The program is hard to use if one has no idea of Vedic Astrology or how it works. This is because all the information used to generate the outcome is based on some India regions and places. This made no sense to me, particularly because it means that the software won't work in other areas.

With that being said, I did like the fact that only a small amount of info is needed to generate predictions. The interface is also very easy on the user.

Specialised skills like interpreting star charts and analysing detailed Yogas and Chakra are what matters when using Horoscope Explorer, this call for experienced professionals and not every other person.

Ability to export the prediction results in PDF is a big advantage, because of emailing them as an attachment if one is required to.

To sum it up, the program can be quite useful to professional and skilled Vedic Astrologers, especially those in Indian or of Indian decent.


Useful business tool for Vedic astrologist.