EZ-DJ Plus Review


Submitted by gergesim on Tue, 2008-06-03 08:24.
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Fun for any age. Easy to use. Ability to create semi-professional sounding music.
The program sacrifices complexity for musicianship, mixes are not unique and can eventually sound dull. Mixing tools are prerecorded and limited. MP3 importing is flawed.

Even though it was simply designed to loosely emulate DJ equipment, it sometimes seems easy to get submerged in your own mixes with EZ-DJ. The program offers a variety of “DJ Sets” (or sets of looping musical tracks) and gives you the tools to create many unique mixes. These tools include 8 preset drum loops, 4 prerecorded vocal samples, 4 complex prerecorded scratches, and 6 unique “DJ-Tricks” that can drastically change the sound of your mix. Although there is included onscreen help, the simple and easy understand layout allows the user to feel comfortable with the controls within only seconds of using them.

Although, as mentioned, there are many tools included with EZ-DJ, all of them are prerecorded. This usually causes your mixes to feel less and less unique and you to inevitably feel less talented. This is both the programs best feature and its downfall. EZ-DJ is easy enough to use that no prior knowledge of music or DJ talent is needed to create mix that sounds good. Unfortunately, the program requires so little talent that many mixes can end up sounding similar, and you quickly realize that you have little to do with the great sound of your final song.

This aspect of the program can take away from the extra features. For example, there isn’t much use to recording and burning your tracks if they all sound similar. In the same sense, using your own MP3s as the tracks for a mix can only be so entertaining when your options are limited. Assuming the automatic beat detection and song syncing tools of the program were flawless (which in my experience they aren’t), your mix is still restricted by the limited tools you can use.


Nonetheless, EZ-DJ is a great program for someone looking for a simple, watered down DJ experience (as it is by no means intended to be used by professionals). It takes no previous DJ experience or musical talent to create good sounding music. However, if you are looking to create many unique mixes, then another program may suit you better.