Cactus Bruce And The Corporate Monkeys Review

Kill The Monkeys!

Submitted by scorpioeyez on Tue, 2006-05-16 23:38.
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Fun concept, steep learning curve as you go on
Gets a little too difficult too soon


Kill the monkeys!

The Story

Cactus Bruce is a pirate cactus (well, this is the 21st century after all) and he is being attacked by pirates. All he has to defend himself is a large machine which reaches out and grips monkeys in it’s claws and drops them into the ocean. What’s a cactus to do??

The Good And The Bad

I was originally less than impressed with the basic premise of this game but the chance to kill a bunch of monkeys was really too good to pass up. How often does one get to do this?

I began playing and soon I found that this is a very fun game and very challenging. The learning curve on this game is very easy to pick up on which made for the first few levels being very fun but very soon the challenges really started to pile up and I found it hard to really keep up with the game making it a bit more frustrating than challenging… even worse though, by this time I was much too addicted to stop playing until I could play no more.

The graphics to this game are actually fairly basic but they are still very well done. Each item and character in this game are detailed enough that you’ll never confuse one item for another and after a few levels this becomes a god send since there ends up being so many items, bonuses and monkeys to keep track of.

The cut scenes in between levels left a bit to be desired though as the game really didn’t have a strong enough story to sustain this and I really just wanted to move along and keep trying to get the next level completed.


The music in this game was nothing special but it did meld very seamlessly into the background with no real detectable issues that I could encounter. The sound quality was well done with no drops in quality at any point and the bells and whistles weren’t overdone or cheesy in anyway.


A lot of people have been giving this game a hard time but I actually found this to be a fun and enjoyable game that had a lot going for it. The learning curve could be a bit steep at times but in this case, that was one of the better things that I could think of about this game.


It's not a terrible game and I actually had quite a bit of fun with it. Final Grade: 81% - B