Dropheads Review

Short-lived amusement

Submitted by invincible15 on Sun, 2008-06-08 03:06.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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-Nice graphics -Autosave -Ten levels of gameplay that get harder to complete
-Gets boring quite quickly -Price tag -Lots of other similar and cheaper games

Dropheads is a cute little game, where you have to match smiley faces together into a group of four. You have to muscle your way through ten levels and after each level you collect one piece of the map, that constructs a map, which leads you to the secret treasure.

The game offers arcade mode, where the game is faster paced and the strategy mode, where you can take your time and carefully think your next move through. I liked the arcade mode more, because it was quite thrilling and I enjoyed a lot. The opposite is the strategy mode, where it quickly gets boring, because it runs at a snails gallops pace and its suited for old grannies that need a bit more time think the moves through.

The tutorials are really simple to understand, which show up when you start the game and you can also easily turn them off by making a tick in the box at the bottom of the tutorial screen. I didnt like the help though, as it opens up the browser rather than showing a screen in the game. The game also features autosave and it shows useful tips. I also like the graphics, which are very nice, but nothing fancy and if you are interested to compare your results with other people, there is the option to check the global scores. The sound in the game is satisfying, although it could be better, but I really hate the sound at the start of the game in the main menu, which is boring and deppresive.

My computer has 1 GB of memory and it loads for 10 seconds, which is a lot for such a small game and it even displays a message at the load-up screen saying it could take up to 3 minutes. Although its the trial I think that displaying the screen that Ā»invitesĀ« you to buy the game shows up too often during the gameplay.


Although the game is fun and is worth buying, I dont think the game is worth the whole sum of 16.95 $. The things is, that although you will be entertained for a while it will not last for long, as it easily gets boring in a couple of hours. You could problably find some other flash games online, that offer the similar experience as dropheads does.