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Label Wizard...Simple and straight to the point

Submitted by maina kabiru on Wed, 2008-06-11 11:07.
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Simple and easy to use interface, easy to manipulate, outstanding end result.
one have to go online to get help to set up the wizard

This is a very simple and down to earth BUT able to deliver kind of software. I installed and went through the whole software in 10 minutes FLAT!! In fact there is no use of the online help you
don’t need advanced editing on the labels. Actually that is where the main problem is - going online anytime you want to print some fancy label - more should be put in this area if the developers are
to increase the sales or market for that matter. However there is a little help which pops up when you move the cursor slowly over a button. A bubble with info pops, kind of letting you get the basics before going to the help section.

Print preview is another matter, it is not available. This is a necessity if one will be printing big label like those on A3. It not only saves time but also unnecessary printing if one can have a
preview of what the end result is gonna be.

The ability to customise the labels in terms of font colour and size, label sizes and spacing, print borders and margins and senders address and logos comes in very nicely. With these one can make a cute and professional label, doesn’t take much.


Nice, 'straight to the point' program. Uses only 1.17MB of your computer's resources.