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flash animation has never been easier

Submitted by kateman on Thu, 2008-06-12 11:25.
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great software, easy to use,
doesn't look to hot, expensive, lacks ability to put in personal creative expression

The easiest way to create a flash animation for a website. I can remember when i was first trying to use this, typical me not to read instructions, but i didn't need to. It was that simple.

I was once trying to put a banner on myspace for a forum i created and (i didnt know it at the time) myspace had banned .swf files. I talked to the people and they patiently helped me work around it! It was so awesome.

Anyway, I loved this program, even though I only used it once. However, this is for beginners and if you want creative freedom, dont use it. It keeps it simple at the price of templates, but this is not to say the templates arnt' good (they're great and look so awesome depending on how you use them)! The range of templates are really good; I would say that you can create a decent template for almost any situation (depending on your motivation behind creating the animation and how professional/personalized you want it to be).


Really good for beginners, which is why you pay so much for it i guess. Personalization of your creation is limited and I don't suggest this program if you wish to extend your creative abilities into animation as the program doesn't allow for this to happen. Apart from that, I suggest if you don't have any idea how to create a professional .swf file (and don't want to learn), that this is the software for you to buy!