WebSmartz Professional Review

Websmartz professional, smart for most users.

Submitted by maina kabiru on Fri, 2008-06-13 09:23.
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great templates, simple to use program
Unable to edit websites to my liking

To start with, the templates look sharp and very professional, hence nice and cool for green web designers, however I was only able to view one template and also unable to edit it cos I was offline, must I be online to experience it? I design websites in HTML and get to test them offline!

With that being said, the flash intros are great and well categorised. Though simple, they meet their intended uses - to capture visitors and 'hold their eyeballs' kind of reception to ones site. Editing them was a piece of cake. They also loaded very fast, this is unlike most Flash intros I have come across which drag for so long and hence discourage visitors from the site.

I was unable to make the intros go faster; there was nowhere to set the timings. Further testing showed that the intro can end faster if you only have one or two punchlines. 3, 4 or five punchlines will only drag the intro and lessen its effectiveness. It makes perfect sense because this is only the introduction, and so only a little info is needed. Many punchlines will only dilute what's in the main site.

Overall the software serves its intended purpose though much can be improved on to fit professional web designers. It is a good program to start with, and the price is okay. I do recommend it.


great for beginners and those who would like to improve on the current sites. Good value for money.