XoftSpy Review

Great graphics doesn't make it a good anti-spyware solution.

Submitted by Davonator on Fri, 2008-06-13 14:34.
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Very easy to use. Great visual graphics.
Lacks spyware definitions. Doesn't contain any advanced removal tools so it can only remove basic spyware. No real time protection.

At first look, this anti-spyware product seemed like a good program to help control the thousands of spyware lurking around the internet. The install package was very small compared to other products but the size of the installer, it was obvious this didn't contain anything special.

The install was easy and smooth because of it's size and at first startup it had a nice visual appeal from the graphics. It didn't take up much memory usage (apart from running scans). It was very easy to navigate and choose what settings you wanted and starting scans on the product was a breeze.

The downside was the spyware definitions. It couldn't detect near as much spyware as other products do which was a huge let-down.

Removing some technical spyware such as Virtumonde was a large pain since it could only remove parts of the spyware yet leaving many of the files on the computer. It kept replacing itself every time the product ran the scan. It was now obvious it didn't have a good removal techniques. The scanner could only remove basic spyware such as a browser hijackers, rogue cookies and similar.

The biggest thing that annoyed me was the lack of real time protection. There is no point in having a spyware scanner if it doesn't continuously monitor everything that happens to your computer. The only thing close to real time protection in this software is it's updates and stopping your browser getting hijacked (if the program is running).


The developers of this scanner should have been graphic designers. Easy to use and easy on the eyes but shocking spyware detection, removal and prevention. Only useful if you get paranoid about spyware and want to get every scanner you can.