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Set Can Have Egypt

Submitted by scorpioeyez on Fri, 2006-05-19 01:05.
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Nice graphics
Just boring and too easy


Who knew surviving in ancient Egypt was so easy?

The Story

In this puzzle game, you have been enlisted by the goddess of magic, Isis, to battle Set by shooting balls into a grid to make lines in order to stop Set from reaching the pyramids.

The Good And The Bad

So Isis has enlisted me to help her battle Set? By shooting magic balls? To keep him from reaching the pyramids which no one is sure why this is a bad thing? Ok, kind of a loose story but I guess I can just go with it.

I originally played the sequel before I played this game but having now played both I’m having problems seeing where there are any real differences. For the most part this game just proceeds as a simple game of shoot the ball into the line so that you can beat the level. No innovation here.

The difficultly level is also nothing to be impressed with as I managed to beat almost 8 levels before I used up one of my lives and even then the only reason why I lost a life was because I wasn’t paying that close of attention to where I was shooting my ball and I accidentally shot it near the end of the line.

The graphics in this game are enjoyable at least. The backgrounds are well drawn and it is interesting to see all the different challenges that are thrown at you in each level when each grid changes. The problem with this is that the difficulty of each level is completely negated by the vast amounts of bonuses that you receive for doing hardly anything making it way too easy.


I really didn’t care for the music in this game. I found the sound to be appropriate for the setting that they were going for but the tone was just way too dramatic for a game that is supposed to be light hearted such as this. Especially when there is no sense of tension from the game being so easy.

The bells and whistles sounded good to start with but when you’re receiving eight bonuses all at once it is rather annoying to hear so many sound effects ring out at once.


I really didn’t find anything too special about this game. It was really just another shoot the ball into the line game to waste time with. Nothing special was presented here and I won’t miss it after it’s gone.


Not something that I want to waste time with. Final Grade: 69% - D