NewsAloud Review

Outdated and Complicated

Submitted by pplude92 on Mon, 2008-06-16 02:09.
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Familiar for someone who still uses Windows 98
Bad Interface No Connectivity to internet Only support IPv4 stacks

The install of this program went as expected, without a hitch. The selection of feeds could have been layed out better, with an option for adding your own feeds, especially in this day and age.

It asked me for network settings, and I used the defaults, as I felt I didn't need a proxy. I thought it odd that there was already an update, so I declined it.

The interface is...plain. It looks like something from 1997. It was hard, and didn't quite blend with a modern operating system. It looks as if a junior high student sat down at a VB console and hacked together a UI.

The program then refused to collect the feeds, nor would it update. I never got a chance to use this software and test it thoroughly, as I ran into this significant roadblock.


I would not recommend this to anybody as it does not support common standards and looks bad, a major downfall if they wish to release this to consumers.