InAlbum Deluxe Review

InAlbum Entertaining But Not Exceptional

Submitted by marymag on Sun, 2006-05-21 01:33.
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The lowest price: 49.45$
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You can easily create an effective slide show in a moderate amount of time.
Definitely not for use by professionals.

I have used many different types of editing systems. Some are so complicated it would constitute rocket surgery just to get one to work properly. But these days there are many programs that allow you to basically cut and paste.

InAlbum Deluxe is a fine example of such a program, for most of the work is simplified. You can crop, add effects, and even add title, subtitles and credits, features that most of the other systems promise.

The learning curve here is quite effortless. You just go through five steps, save it, and you are good to go. Transitions are uncomplicated and when it comes to titling you can choose to apply color and font to one selection or all.

This would be great fun for teens or comic strip creator wanna-be‘s. There are body parts, such as fangs, ears, and moustaches you just drag and drop as well as a few animated effects and templates. You can add speech bubbles and effortlessly place them anywhere on your photo. The most fun I had was in tweaking pictures. The fact that you can preview them before adding them is definitely a plus as is the ability to create a project in less than an hour, with changes.

Using the trial version you are only allowed 5 photos. You can utilize the program’s sound sources, record your own voice or import wavs or mp3’s but there is no technique available to edit the music length, or change volume, tonal quality, etc. Although you can downsize a photo, there is no way to stretch it. And I never did find out how to delete a sound effect I no longer wanted or save my project without a commitment to purchase.


InAlbum is okay for amateurs but nothing outstanding for its cost. If this is deluxe, I wonder what the original was like.