DOC Regenerator Review

Analysis of DOC Regenerator

Submitted by tedbangs on Tue, 2008-06-17 03:14.
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The lowest price: 44.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
-Very easy to use -Will recover lost .doc files
-Ugly GUI -Too expensive considering that there are cheaper programs that do the exact same thing

Losing important documents can be a major pain in ass and could put you into a spot of trouble for work, school, etc... With this program you will be able to recover lost documents.

This program will scan your hard drive (supports both FAT and NTFS formatted drives) and it will look for fragments or corrupted parts of the document you lost. When I used it, it took only a matter of minutes to find and regenerate my document

This program has it downsides though. The program costs about $45 and it has a very ugly interface. To solve this problem yourself, you could invest in a flash drive that will last you a decent amount of time.


Does what it was programmed to do but it is ugly and too expensive.