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SWFText - Good for simple Flash Animations

Submitted by Hiei3 on Thu, 2008-06-19 20:04.
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Has lots of great tools and effects. I find it very useful and will be using it very soon.
The background effects are definately not anything I'd use anytime soon, and a few of the text effects are boring.

I really like this program. I'm a huge fan of integrating Flash into websites. I do a lot of Flash myself, but that can sometimes get time consuming. When I'm working on bigger projects, sometimes I wish I could have something to do the simpler things (such as text plus their effects) for me in a short amount of time.

The background effects aren't that great in my opinion. Nothing I'd use personally. But the Text effects, a lot of them are really great. The explosion ones are a bit simple (just small squares), but there are effects like 'Black Hole' and 'Blow Down' that only use your text, no extra pixels, and they look really great.

I actually plan on using this in the near future for some of my website needs. Flash buttons, welcome screens, and banners are just a couple things I'm probably gonna use this program for. It definately opens more time for me to do some of the bigger things that must be done manually.

I also really like that it doesn't just have set default font choices. Any fonts you have downloaded onto your computer, you can use. That's really great for me seeing as I love using different fonts. I've downloaded over 200 of them, and they're all there on SWFText. So that's been really helpful for things like incorporating a logo into the animation (if it's a text-only logo).


SWFText is a great Flash text animation program that I plan on using on my websites in the near future. It's easy to use and has some great tools.