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Replay replays with 100% great quality

Submitted by travistrain on Thu, 2008-06-19 23:03.
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The lowest price: 35.96$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
1. Excellent quality that sounds just as great as the original song. 2. Easy to learn how to use and manage.
1. Coast is a little high but it is worth it! 2. Song and artist tags are incorrect sometimes.

This is a great product that I have used for about a year now. However its a product you have to try yourself to understand its effectivness and great quality music it captures.

There is no need to read a manual, replay music has easy to understand features, as long as you have very basic computer and digital music skills and understanding.
All of the settings are already set to the appropriate options for most people. So as soon as you download you can start recording.

Some features it has is Auto split between two diffrent tracks and identify song. These will help you record songs faster with less work. For example you can turn it onto a online radio station and it will record each song and name each one as well.

Also if you have a small Mp3 player with little space, this software gives you music that sounds the same as the original but with much smaller file size. An mp3 that is about 3 minutes long can be on average to 1-2 megabytes. So you have more room for more songs from Replay Music.

Replay Music is made by and they are a great company with excellent customer support. I learned this from using Replay Music. They have FAQ for commom questions and help. They also have Forums and Contact e-mail if you need additional help. I emailed them and they responded in under 24Hrs. However, the person who responded to the email didn't seem to have good answers and didn't know the best ways to fix my problems, wich brings me to my next topic.

This product is not the best for Windows Vista becuase of Vista security but it will work.

These little problems does not effect the great quality that Replay Music has, and I still love this software that I use atleast once a week.


The price may make you question yourself if it's worth it but the 25 free songs demo, will give you the confidence that your buying high quality software from a great company.