WebSmartz Professional Review

The glam is all a sham

Submitted by rzolution on Sun, 2008-06-22 23:29.
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great previews of what you can create a few easy and cool text animation effects
*limited choice on how to display information *will not teach you how to create flash applications or how they work

I was looking forward to trying this software out. Since I've used flash applications before, was interested in how this one works. However, I was sourly disappointed when I discovered what it had to offer.
First let me say that the trail version does not allow you to test the website usage it only allows for one to test the flash into animations, which are used to make web banners or when introducing a website. Nevertheless, you can see screen shots previews of websites.

The tutorial is flash video mode and does not give the option of pause, or next and previous buttons. So it runs at its own time and speed. If you miss something, you'll have to view the whole tutorial over again. Also the pop up browser for the tutorial is too small and cannot be resized so some of the content is cut off.

Editing the Flash Into: WebSmartz Pro has pre-made flash files that sadly cannot be edited. What can be done is inserting text in different parts of the flash and it gives the option to insert one person pictures which is classified as your logo. Although some of the text effect is cool, too much of it can be an overkill.
When adding text you must consider the space in which it will be placed. If it is a small space then it is best to type in a few words, otherwise it will show the text overflowing its parameter. There is only one font choice for the text and sizes is set in even numbers from 6 to 16.
When you are editing the text, either it be color, size or animation, the word "Preview" is set in so that you'll see it change rather then your actual text. You will only see the effect after you preview your changes in a web browser.

Last but not least, the program froze up a few times and created unnecessary files and folders.


If you want to learn about flash animation or have personalized flash files, this is not the program for you. However, if you are looking to create a flashy into or website with preset designs and layout, and only looking to add text, then check it out. But first I would highly recommend you try out the trial before buying it.