Wild West Wendy Review

Fox Trot yourself down to Wendy's Saloon

Submitted by rzolution on Tue, 2008-06-24 03:08.
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Great story line that makes you want to win the game to see the end. Nice graphics.
You find all you're really doing is clicking... could get to be a bore for some.

Play as Wendy in a western town as a saloon waitress. You have to serve drinks, break up fights, catch criminals all the while trying to earn enough money to keep the saloon in tip top condition.
The storyline will really keep you wanted to play the game. Plus after each day you get the town newspaper and read whats happening around town and how Wendy's Restaurant is fairing.

There are several ways to play the game too:
1. Story Mode
2. Player vs Computer
3. Player vs Player (other players on the net)

To play the second and third you'd have to purchase the game.


The best part about this game is the story line. If offers nice picture to go along with and the overall appeal makes it easier to engulf yourself in the game.