Smarty Uninstaller Review

A smart way to uninstall

Submitted by criticalgreg on Wed, 2008-06-25 01:55.
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Smarty Uninstaller 2007 Pro is essentially a replacement for the default add/remove programs windows feature in the control panel. As its name suggests, Smarty detects which installations/uninstallations are "broken" which can slow down your computer and hog valuable disk space.

Installing Smarty Uninstaller was a snap. Within minutes it was scanning my harddrive. The scan took perhaps 4 minutes and when it was done it had identified 380 programs on my hard drive and 2 broken installations! I was surprised to see so many programs and I'm glad that now I have a chance to uninstall them.

Smarty uninstaller cleans up broken installations by finding old registry entries that were used by the program, finding old files used by the program and deleting old shortcuts. When I uninstalled RealPlayer, apparently it left me a huge number of shortcuts and registry entries.

I went on an uninstalling rampage uninstalling many programs that were lurking on my harddrive. This was quite satisfing but my greatest satisfaction was when I rebooted and noticed that my computer booted up much faster and performed much better.

Smarty uninstall is much more powerful then Add/Remove and I was able to uninstall many programs that would of been difficult to uninstall otherwise.


This is a great program that is extremely useful for trimming down your computers programs and making it faster and more efficient.