SpyFighter Cleaner Pro Review

Antispyware and Track Removal Utility

Submitted by soric3l on Sun, 2006-05-28 20:41.
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The lowest price: 26.96$
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Non intrusive software, easy to use, and the Spyfighter Cleaner utility is a beauty.
  • The setup procedure needs active Internet connection to download the setup files, and it takes a while to do that.
  • Live Updates are a complete joke in the trial version
  • User interface still needs work to be done

You need an active Internet connection to be able to install Spyfighter Cleaner Pro. Bad news for those of you with modem connection or slow Internet connection. It may take a while until all setup files are downloaded into your computer.

The good thing about the installation procedure is that they have considered possible software conflicts, and Spyfighter Cleaner Pro won't start by itself after setup is finished even if it comes with a Spyware/Network Monitor utility. This is good thinking, and you'll have to start the program manually from the Start Menu. You can configure it later, if satisfied with the results, to start automatically when Windows starts.

Spyfighter Cleaner Pro features both antispyware and track removal utilities. The track removal tool is a real beauty because it allows you to clean all sort of dump files you no longer need, starting with Temporary Files to Windows Swap file and Memory files. You are offered the options to clean Windows Items, Browser Items (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox & Mozilla), and, wow, Plug-Ins files from a large list of programs you may have installed on your computer (ACDsee, Acrobat, various movie players, Winamp files and so on). The Clean Items utility even recognize which version of a specific program you are using, and that is nice to know. Unfortunately, you have to register the software in order to be able to use Spyfighter Cleaner tool.

The Antispyware utility runs at optimal speed, and it comes with live updates for spyware definitions. I hate to say it but the 2 updates I run manually when trying this software were not at all satisfactory, and I was not able to finish none of them because they simply wouldn't start. They only told me that newer definitions are available but, when trying to download them, nothing happened.

I cannot say much about Spyfighter Cleaner Pro because it obviously needs improvements with the installation kit, and also the updates and the user interface which doesn't always respond in a satisfactory manner when trying to activate different options. Not much to do with the trial version except for a quick spyware scan. They practically force you to buy the software to be able to see if it really is good software or not. I hate it when they do that, and I leave it to you to decide whether you want to buy it or not.


Good software, great ideas, but it still needs work to be done in order to call it Pro Spyfighter. The price is a little bit too high considering the competition.