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Icon Constructor Review - Simple Icon Creation

Submitted by Casey on Thu, 2008-06-26 02:46.
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When I downloaded Icon Constructor 3 I didn't expect very much from the program based on what I've seen from other icon editing programs. Based on my past experience with customizing my own desktop, as well as the icons on top of it I've had to do much of my work in other programs and then convert the image files to icons. That is simply not the case with Icon Constructor 3. The program has a lot of features that many other photo editing programs have, built-in.

Effects! - Put simply, you can do any color editing as well as light editing in the program to your image that you would in Photoshop.

Cropping - The program will resize any part of your image that you select and constrain it to the proportion that you'd like. That alone makes the program worth it in it's self.

Boarders - The various styles of boarders that come with the program are awesome. You can crop any image of your choice and stick it inside a computer screen, make a preview icon for a video, or one of the MANY other boarder styles included. After you've selected the style you can take it even further by editing your boarder's colors, and brightness.

Saving Functionality - You can create images for any Windows icon, and for any messenger. It makes creating image files (that will work) for messengers a breeze.


If you have your own images to create icons from, I highly suggest you give this program a try. The only thing it is lacking is the element to make icons from scratch.