Mad Caps Review


Submitted by Heather on Thu, 2008-06-26 03:46.
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Exciting, addicting, different levels of difficulty.
I didn't see any cons. I loved the whole game.

Mad Caps is among my all time favorite games. Match three soda bottle caps in a row either vertically or diagonally. Gain as many points as possible to go into the next round. This game will keep your attention and make you want more. I tried the trial version and when time was up I just wanted to keep playing.

This game surpassed my expectations. There are three different modes you can play in. I didn't see a difference between the Classic mode and the Survival mode. Maybe I just didn't notice it. The graphics are awesome. No dullness there. The music was great too. Especially when you get multiple points it was as if you were playing a pinball machine and all the lights and sounds go off at once. I could go on for hours playing this game. If you need help playing the game it gives a pictorial and written explanation. If you get stuck while playing and you can't figure out what move to do next the game has a hint button that will show you what cap to move. You don't want to do this too many times because it will take points away. There are special soda caps that can help you gain points and there are soda caps that can make it more difficult to gain points. Beware of the black bottle caps. They get in your way. There are different levels of difficulty so you can play at your own pace.


Mad Caps is excellent for wasting a few hours. You just don't want to stop playing. It's that much fun. Overall, this game is excellent. I would recommend this to anyone. Its a puzzle with excitement.