CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

No cream in CoffeeCup

Submitted by rzolution on Thu, 2008-06-26 22:25.
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Quick simple editing tool for gif files.
Limited options and relatively, little help in step bye step tutorial.

As you dive into the interface of the application you'll find a simple display area of the Main Screen, you'll soon come to find out that the whole application is very simple in terms of looks and performance.

The Help File has directions that are not fully compatible with the trail version so you may find yourself lost as to what to do next. But I'd suggests just skimming through the file to see what the application is able to do.

This is not an application where you can draw the image for an animation.
This is more of an application that edits preexisting gifs. The ways you can edit them are by:
*Speed of frames
*Looping or Play times of animation
*adding and deleting frames
*And other simple touch ups like the ones listed above

You can also save files as swf (flash) and import 500kb or less Avi files. (however when I tried to import a AVI file under 500kb I got a "Failed to start AVI decompression" error. So I do not know how the application handles it.)

Also you can choose a frame to create a link and view the html code for the frame.


Overall, its just doesn't offer enough options. Nevertheless, if you're only looking to apply changes, like the options mentioned above to gif files, then you can do it with a snap with this application.