Ant War Review

Ant War - Ties for Second Place as Worst Game Ever

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Tue, 2006-05-30 01:16.
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Very Easy Game
Poor Game Play, Bad Music, Boring Game

Ant War’s game design and game play is very like the game ‘Coffee Tycoon’, in the sense that instead of different type of coffees, coffee shops, coffee equipment, customers and employees. You have different types of ant workers, different goals, jobs and things to achieve at the end of each day. With Ant War your game begins with giving your colony a name then you are taken to another screen where you pick one of four ant types, they are ’The Leaf Cutter Ants’ - who are the ants who are good at saving the food, ’Harvester Ants’ - who are good at finding food, ’The Weaver Ants’ - very good at growing, ’Carpenter Ants’ who are good at digging and finally ’Fire Ants’ who are good at fighting. From the four you must choose a type of ants to work with, once you have done this then it’s on to the statistics screen.

The statistics screen, which is very like your base of operations for this game is where you divide your workers among the duties of the day, there are four categories for you to work with and decide what percentage of workers will do what job. Those categories are - work out the percentage of scouts you will need, the number of ants you will need to collect food, nurses to hatch ants, workers to dig nests and soldiers to fight battles. The battles your ants will fight is against their enemies who are different types of insects, frogs, dogs and people.

On the statistics screen as well is a daily weather report, if the weather is good then your colony can find more food and if the weather is bad it will make finding food for your growing colony more difficult. There is also an ant store where as you gain points through game play you can buy different items which will improve and help the growth of your colony.

The game story is set in a town called Spring Valley, the goal of the game is to take over the town through the 18 levels. You start your first colony in the backyard of a Spring Valley citizen, as your colony grows and expands you get to move around the town growing your colonies. 18 levels of this game would be my idea of being in hell, even the thought of having to play this game for eternity makes me feel faint.

I didn’t like this game at all, the minute it started it reminded me too much of ‘Coffee Tycoon’ which I believed was the worst game I had ever played. But now Ant War ties for first place in the ‘I hate these types of games’. You start to play them and a few seconds later you are already bored, although they are very easy games they are not enjoyable or fun games. In some ways they are very like a really poor attempt at creating something like the ‘Sims’ but have failed miserably in there attempts. I doubt that there are a lot of people out there that actually could honestly say that they found this entertaining, addictive, enjoyable or fun. It’s fails to be an enjoyable game in ever respect I have mentioned. There are so many things I can’t stand about Ant War, but I am at a loss for words to express myself appropriately.

But everything from the design, to the storyline, to the characters and the goals is absolutely awful in ever respect. Even the games music sounds like something from an old 60’s or 70’s show that any composer or musician would be too mortified or embarrassed, to admit to having anything to do with creating it.

My final word on this game is, give me a-

B O R I N G , give me - A B S O L U T E L Y A W F U L , and finally

give me a -

W O R S T G A M E E V E R.


There are truly no words to describe how bad this game is.....