Xilisoft DVD To PSP Suite Review

"Xilisoft DVD to PSP - Not So Suite"

Submitted by Rappleton on Fri, 2008-06-27 05:53.
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The lowest price: 40.5$
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Looks Great, and Professional - Installation = slow, but you feel like it might be worth the wait...
...but it never is. May be easy on the eyes, but NOT on - efficiency - usability OR - your wallet

I'm always on the lookout for a fast and furious video convertor,
especially dealing with as many formats and players as there are these days. When I came across "Xilisoft DVD to PSP Suite", I thought I'd met my match. I was looking to find a simple, cheap, and effective way to convert my favorite DVDs to play on the handy high-res screen of my very portable PSP. Unfortunately, Xilisoft Suite is NOT that program.

If you're like me, you want to eliminate the middle man - namely, the technical mumbo-jumbo that stands between you and your converted video, which you pray will play without a hitch. That burden, 'should' be on the program. That in mind, in we go:

At first glance, the interface looks glossy and inviting enough. It shows a nice model of the PSP, and a nifty screen to preview your finished video. But the niceties stop there. Sure, The path of the file you want to convert and the destination path you can find, but the rest of it is tiny buttons, with tiny fonts which love to play hide and seek. Guess who's IT?

Several test runs and impatient fits later, the audio was off on my finished vid, and the help section kept giving me the run-around on a website that is the opposite of helpful. In fact, if you use this program, chances are you might turn into a certifiable Pro at playing with codecs, bitrates and other technical prattle, because using Xilisoft's Suite will FORCE you to learn all of it.

Not what I had in mind - and certainly doesn't deserve its Hefty Price Tag. Does have a bunch of features, but who cares if they're not user-friendly. Advice to programmers: a little less time with looks and gadgetry, and a little more on simplicity. Kick to the curb for services rendered poorly. Try 'Super': it's free, and you'll sleep better.


Find something cheaper, with a simple interface which will do the work for you rather than leaving you with the burden of learning it.