Dropheads Review

Not the best puzzle game..

Submitted by DaBeast on Sun, 2008-06-29 21:24.
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Nice menu layout and nice loading screen. Great looking faces, they put on wierd faces wich is quite funny. Runs on vista!
The music is so awfull and gets realy on your nervs. Gameplay way too fast for me (its nervebreaking because sometimes the faces come down and your still thinking).

Lets start with the loading screen and then do the rest:

The loading screen was realy nice to look at imo, putted togetter by someone that has great skills. Altough it had a slow loading time for this level of game (even on my Core2Quad Q6600 and 4Gb of ram it took about 20 seconds).

The menu itself was rather directly ingame instead of a sepperated menu before you actualy play the game and had the same loading screen styled 2D graphics. A simle but effective menu that is.

The game itself was rather below the average puzzle game (quality) because of the following factors:

(+)If you can keep up with the gameplay and turn the music off its actualy quite fun!
(+)Pretty good graphics for a puzzle game (faces are i believe 3D)
(+)The faces where you need to work with are so funny!

(--)The music is awfull! It makes your ears bleed, and is byfar the most anoying music ive ever heard in my life!
(-)The gameplay is a bit too fast to play (in my opinion). You will find yourself in nervebreaking situations because your thinking where to put the faces and then all of the sudden the new faces come falling down.

Other toughts: The concept is not new, because its a twist between Tetris, Bejeweled and 4-on-a-row with a little adventure twist (at the end of every round you get a piece of a map, wich you need to complete all rounds to get all pieces).


If you dont have any speakers and are imume for nerve breaking situations then you should give this game a try. Otherwise, dont even try this game!